Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Then and Now

It has been some time since I have been able to find time to sit and write in this journal of mine. I have been spending much of my time doing what I do best, training and hunting. I will soon reach the next level in my training and then I feel that I will have to push myself even harder to get further. That said the higher my level gets the more I can feel the hunger within consuming me. The Demon Power Bracelet that I have has been embued with the power of those demons I have slain.

I have used this power to enhance my own abilities to create a warrior that strives to survive above all else. To that end, I have followed the primer left to me by my father before I fell him upon the great blade during the Rite of a Warriors End. I have allowed the energy to flow within me and I have started to use the Runes of Torment entrusted to me by my father to fight many foes.

I, however, am afraid that as I increase my own power this power within me will also increase and it may eventually take me over completely. Though I fight against it I have found that my emotional state plays a large role in the power and intensity of the energy within me.

Recently I have also taken an interest in someone. Though that in itself has proven to be a difficult task in the fact that my true love has returned as well. I find myself conflicted between the man I am now and the man I was back when my true love and I first confessed our needs for one another. Despite that, I feel as though I shouldn't get my hopes up...she has said she will be around more but already I haven't seen much improvement in that area.  So do I pin all my hopes on a woman that has a history of leaving and being gone for long periods of time with no idea of coming back...or do I continue the relationship with the woman I am interested in now...knowing she is around all the time and our relationship grows daily?

Then, I was young and foolish...Now...maybe I am just foolish.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

3rd Rune of Torment: Rune of the Tormented Soul

*Note: This is told through the eyes of a narrator as someone watching the events unfold and not through the eyes of Drecq himself.

He had decided a while back to change hunting and training grounds and now the new monsters he faced were more powerful than he had encountered before and while this to him wasn't a bad thing it did make him push himself more and more almost to his own breaking point. The enemies were more aggressive and more cunning than the ones in the Blow Hole. 

His newly fashioned and customed armor shined brightly against the paleness of the surrounding darkness even though it was black and crimson. His sword glowed with the same red hue that his Demonic Power Bracelet and his eye began to shine brighter and brighter feeding his intensity.

He stood there a moment thinking of if he should use one of the first two runes that he had all bust mastered but then it came to him that if he was to master the first two runes he would have to feel the weight of the third rune. So he drew from his belt a hunting dart and proceeded to cut his hand drawing blood he poured it upon the ground and citied the incantation of the third rune. 

The blood swirled around upon the ground drawing out a circle with a large rune in the center and suddenly it burst into a crimson flame consuming his shape as it then remained as a ghostly crimson flame upon his armor. 

"Third Rune of Torment, Rune of the Tormented Soul," he suddenly kneeled to the ground feeling an unimaginable weight upon him then suddenly from within a searing sensation like a flame consuming him from within. It felt as if his soul was being burned and for every second he stood there it was being replaced with anger and rage until he could no longer feel the weight upon his shoulders.

Just then one of the monsters made its move and came towards him striking him upon the shoulder plate and just as it did so he raised arm and grabbing the monster by its face he squeezed until the head of the monster exploded causing its lifeless body to slump in front of him. 

Another monster made its move and was able to cause a wound to his right side. But even as the cut went deep into Drecq's flesh he did not show any pain instead he simply stood and taking his sword he quickly made a side cut, cutting the monster clean in half. 

There was no emotion left on Drecq's face, he showed nothing an empty shell with nothing left to show except his eye that burned brightly with a crimson flame that engulfed his once emerald green eye. 

Each monster that came near him he would quickly without hesitation swing his blade or simply step to the side with an inhuman speed then bring his sword down upon the monster without a show of remorse. If he took a hit he would simply grab the monster and break its limb followed by a powerful deadly slash from his sword.

Finally, there was only a handful of the monsters left and Drecq took a charged stance and without warning with speed unlike that of a normal man he charged thrusting the blade of his sword forward and moving quickly he impaled all 5 of the monsters upon his blade and reaching forward he placed his hand upon the first monster and uttered, "May the flames of my hate consume you." with that flames erupted upon each monster as he stood there watching them burn both his eyes glowed a bright crimson red before finally fading and the flames had consumed all of the monsters.

His armor turned back to normal and he collapsed to his knees his helm falling to the ground as he kneeled there simply looking up into the sky feeling his soul slowly return to normal. 

"I just lost a piece of my many do I have left?"

Friday, January 31, 2020

The 2nd Rune of Torment

*this is an account of the actions as seen by a 3rd party witnessing it and is not written in the view from Drecq's personal view.*

He was facing more spirits and monsters than he had in the past it seemed that the cave was teaming with the likes of soul-less spirits and monsters that used the cave as a place to rest. His sword had fell several enemies already and he was growing slightly tired from swinging his sword and shield so much. Despite that he knew he couldn't give up here or he may not make it out of the cave alive and he really didn't want to be resurrected by the Gods and Goddess again at the Monument.

"I guess I can try the second of the Runes...though I question its toll on me considering the last one." He spoke to himself as another monster approached quickly and took a swing at him and he was able to block it with his shield and then swing his sword upwards catching the monster off guard and able to slice it from the ribs ups its shoulder before it slumped over dead.

He quickly slammed his sword into the ground and drew his hunting dart and stabbing his palm he let the blood trickle to the ground before reciting a small incantation and watching the blood wind around him forming a summoning circle and a new rune appears upon his armor and begins to glow. His eye glows red as fire and a small flame bursts forth and then red energy shines through where his lost eye is.

His armor glows crimson red and suddenly he finishes the incantation with, "Second Rune of Torment, Torment of the Mind's Eye."

In a matter of moments, his body convulses and he lets out a hellish beastly roar as images fill his mind with untold horrors and they play like him seeing events in real life causing his mind to into a frenzy. He sees images of his past, those he admired, those he loved, those that he watched both close and afar and the horrible deeds that could befall them at any time. The things he saw he could never bring himself to mention and he could barely comprehend what was going on.

Within moments he gripped the sword hilt and begun his assault of the monsters and spirits around him as he unleashed a fury greater than that of what was done with the first Rune. His mind filled with image after image and it filled him with rage and desperation. His body moved like fluid through the air as he found himself using his sword, shield and bare hands as a weapon. He even found himself headbutting a monster so hard it cracked the monster's skull.

His rage took over and in a moment he lost all thoughts all sense of self and in an instant, it felt like he had seen a light and then all things fell silent and then he came to. He stood in the center of the cave and there around him was the fallen monsters.

He was so exhausted he simply collapsed there where he stood using his sword to hold himself up he could barely breathe his lungs burned and his heart raced, his ears rang and his body ached.

"If this is the power of the first two Runes...there is no telling what the third rune will do...that said...I can begin to see why the last rune the Fourth is not one to be taken lightly."

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Surviving the Torment

Using the Torment of the Temple consumed a great deal of my lifeforce and caused me to lose a great deal of blood. It took me several turns to replenish enough to be able to train again. Because of this, I have decided to limit the use of this power. Plus it has had other effects on me as well. The effects of Bloodlust has caused me plenty of issues with my mental focus. Instead of a focus on slaying an enemy quickly and effectively I have instead turned to brutality and I have caught myself slaying an enemy in ways that drive this lust for blood as well as slaying monsters that didn't really need to be slain simply to fill this lust.

I have also found myself consumed by the rage and my eye shines with a crimson red all the time now so much so I try to hide it by keeping my faceplate down so others do not see it.

If torment of the Temple is this powerful and causes this much problem for the user...what will the Torment of the Mind do?

Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Lone Warrior stands ever alone

It has been some time since I have come here to the cave that the locals call the "Blow Hole" while I do not care much for the name there is little I can do to change it or much else it seems. I have found that there is much that remains the same no matter how hard try to change them.

When I started this journey I had the thought of being the lone warrior just traveling the lands doing what I could do to train and hunt and spend less time with people. But over time I found that the company of others had its own nice effects on the body and soul. So I made changes to my way of thinking and this lone warrior was no longer alone...or at least so it only seemed.

In the end, every time I found someone I was to become close with they always found a way to walk away or enter the long sleep. So this warrior has once again begun to ask himself this question, 'why do I seek to change who I am for the sake of others?'

While here in the tranquil darkness of the cave, I have had time to think and in the end, I have decided that the world never really changes. The Gods do not change nor do their whims and sadly neither does the world. Instead, the lands remain the is only we people that change.

As a warrior, my reason for living is to fight on the front lines, to remove the threats of those that can not remove those threats themselves or are too weak to fight for themselves. But I would be lying too. Because that makes me sound like a noble person...but truth be told...there is nothing noble about a Warrior like I. I seek power to destroy those that are my enemy at all costs without hesitation. I use anything and everything to remove my enemies even if that means doing something unhonorable.

War...has only one rule...survive. To that end as a warrior, I live, fight, and kill to survive at all costs.

I am the lone warrior that shall rise to power...I shall use my power no matter how dark or evil it is to do what needs to be done no matter the consequences to myself. I will become a demon on the battlefield if need be and show no mercy to my enemy. Such is the way of my clan and a warrior.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Using the firs Rune of Torment

*this is an account of the actions as seen by a 3rd party witnessing it and is not written in the view from Drecq's personal view.*

Standing there he was already worn down from his training session he had put himself through but he wasn't done yet he needed to keep pushing himself harder and harder, faster and faster, to become as strong as he could as fast as he could. He could feel the eyes of his enemies upon him from multiple directions. He slowed his breathing and held his sword in front of him closing his eye he could tell there were at least 5 of these monsters left. The darkness hadn't dulled his senses luckily. If anything the time in the darkness had increased the ability of his senses a bit.

He relaxed his muscles and slowly breathed out as he thought for a moment, lost in his thoughts for just a split second he heard a faint whisper within his mind, "use not be afraid of the power that belongs to you...release your rage..." the voice was low and dark...if sound had color.

The monsters he was facing had started to move slightly towards him and he decided it was time to see if he could use this new power after all. He had been training and while he might be able to use the first of his powers that were as far as he was willing to go. Even then there was a small nagging voice in his mind that said he didn't want to go down that path but he had no choice now.

He drew his sword in front of him taking his stance and then slowly recited the incantation under his breath as the monsters started to move towards him again. As he chanted a rune took shape under him in a red glow that lit the dimly lit cave up slightly. The monsters stopped in their tracks the light being something they were not used to. He could feel power swelling around him and his eye it's normal green soon changed to an intense crimson red with a faint yet powerful glow residing in it.

Reaching the end of his incantation he recited the final part of the phrase, "Bloodlust, consume me, Torment of the Temple." as he stated this the run that shown upon the ground like a ring of red flared up with flames of energy that lept upon him causing his armor to take a crimson flame glow before the flame disappeared and his armor had a red tint upon it. He let out a thunderous cry like a monster preparing for war. The other monsters stood still, not moving an inch as they watched him.

From under his faceplate and vizor, all that could be seen was blackness except for his eye which held an enchanted crimson flame that burned bright through his visor. He growled like a savage as blood began to pour from the spaces between his armor and drenched his armor and clothes. Within a moment he charged headlong straight at two of the monsters slamming one with his gauntlet it was staggered. The second he brought his sword straight up and removed enough of it that it simply slumped down and fell to the ground.

The second monster was then beheaded quickly as he cried out in both Bloodlust and pain. The third monster charged him but he quickly stepped to the side bring his sword in a low sweep he removed both legs of the monster and catching its head in his hand he squeezed crushing its skull in his hand and slung it to the side. He simply smiled breathing heavily as he moved quickly to the remaining two monsters.

"Come on...if you can't put up a fight you will die by my hand!" he yelled as he approached the other two monsters. The first one caught him off guard and brought its claws across his backplate and finding one of the spots where the armor didn't reach it tore into his clothes. But he didn't slow down or even notice it as he ran his sword through the monster and pushed it back against the wall of the cave only to then remove his blade then remove its head.

The last monster charged at him, he spun and screamed right at the monster which at the last minute decided better of it and started to turn to run. However, Drecq was not going to allow that...he reached out grabbing his hunting dart and slinging it he slammed the beast in the leg then releasing another 3 darts he pinned its limbs to a cave rock.

"I don't think will die." Drecq walks over to the monster dragging his sword behind him as his body is reaching its limit from the rune of Torment and blood loss. He reaches up and grabs the monster's throat and with his power, he looks down at the monster and smiles like a madman at it as he simple clutches his fingers and snaps the monsters' neck in an instant.

Soon as he was done the red glow upon his armor faded and his eye went back to normal. He staggered over to a small freshwater source in the cave and slumps next to it as his eyes begin to close. "Damn...I need to get stronger...I gotta push myself harder..." he fades out falling asleep.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Time in the Darkness

It has been many turns since I decided to descend into the darkness of this cave that the locals call the "blow hole" which I find to be a very interesting name for such a cave next to the waters located to the deep south of the Tall Grasslands where Fartown use to be and now lays in ruins.

I came here upon hearing that there were water spirits of sorts here that were numerous and could be used to train and raise one's level when they are at my stage. I find the fact that killing so many of them just to improve the smallest amount to be quiet time consuming and annoying but it is one thing that I will simply have to deal with sadly.

I have already leveled once from this cave and though it will be more time down in the darkness I know it will or should help me level again.

I have started to take time to deal with the increasing amount of power that I can feel coursing through me as I progress to my goal. I have started to perform several rites and rituals to maintain control and increase the power of my Demonic Power Bracelet not so much to give me a boost but to maintain the energy within me. I have caught several times already my eye taking the crimson color for no reason.

I will continue to do as I must and maintain the control that I need to ensure that nothing will happen.

Then and Now

It has been some time since I have been able to find time to sit and write in this journal of mine. I have been spending much of my time doi...